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What could possibly be more American than apple pie, baseball or the anonymous World War II kiss? Coca- Cola, of course! Coke’s strong pathos resonates as a symbol of America’s golden years. The Coke bottle montage adorned in pictures of unforgettable American events, artists and past times embodies what it truly means to be American. To be American means to take pride in your country and represent as a unit, not as an individual. All the components that have compose this montage grasp the concept of American patriotism.
One of the most identified brands in the world: Coca-Cola has distinguished itself as a symbol of American pride. Since, its 1886 debut, Coca-Cola has been the world leader in “Delicious and Refreshing” soft drinks.…show more content…

The revolution lead to a revolt as well as the rebirth of the old classic coke. Two new campaigns were introduced after the consumer crisis in 1985: the most popular Red White and You, pathetic appeal for Coca-Cola classic and the Catch the Wave for the new taste of coke (“The Real Story of New Coke”). During the summer, Coca- Cola announced the taste variance; frantic consumers purchased coke in bulk hoarding the remains in their homes while others formed protest bands with claims to having brought back the original formula. Coke’s prior history is significant because they used their short fall as a comeback. For instance if you fail a test but then study harder for the next one and receive a passing grade, you have redeemed yourself. Same with failing in an area of life there is still a chance reclaim the past downfall to enrich the future.
The dominance of recognizable red and white signify America patriotism. Red compels audience’s attention, the company’s power, and power in general. For example, the 1985 soft drink revolution appalled Coca-Cola’s risk to go above and beyond to gain customer satisfaction. Mr. Goizueta mentions, “that it sent an incredibly powerful signal ... a signal that we really were ready to do whatever was necessary to build value for the owners of our business” (“The Real Story of New Coke”). The white color used as a primary background is neutral to allow the other

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Today, my students and I discussed persuasion where we see it most frequently: in advertisements.  I asked the class to divide into teams, to find any commercial, to watch that commercial, and to analyze it for ethos, pathos, and logos.

My favorite commercial of the day came from Coca Cola.  The opening text explains that a 2010 study revealed the state of the world.  In a series of statistics, Coke compares and contrasts a heavy, negative fact with an uplifting, encouraging one.  Check it out below:


The students who selected and analyzed this video explained that the logos-driven commercial relied heavily on statistics but pointed out that not all statistics are logical… Some can be emotional as evidenced in Coke’s commercial.  This is something I’ve never even considered because statistics I’ve encountered in the past were matter-of-fact and flat.  While the music and happy children obviously add to the cheery feel, I had the strongest emotional pull after reading these bits of data:

“For every corrupt person / 8,000 people are donating blood”

“While one scientist is creating a new weapon / 1 million moms are baking chocolate cakes”

Presentation expert Nancy Duarte explains that we must do more than spit numbers at people in our presentations.  Instead, we must show the meaning behind the data (Source).  In a recent article for the HBR, Duarte writes, “Data slides aren’t really about the data. They’re about the meaning of the data. And it’s up to you to make that meaning clear before you click away. Otherwise, the audience won’t process — let alone buy — your argument” (Source).  Coke’s commercial is a great example of comparing and contrasting numbers to show a specific meaning – that there are reasons to believe in a better world.

Have you seen any great commercials lately?

Like this:



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