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Many people can benefit from joining the Military service for a lot of different reasons. Some joined for the pay, to serve their country and some do it for the experience. There are many reason people join the United States Army. Some other reasons to join the Army could be job security, education benefits, health insurance benefits, life insurance benefits and career assessment to name a few. Serving your country for reason personal to you can come with great benefits and life-long lessons. The three that are going to be focus on are job security, educational benefits and health insurance benefits.

Job security is the main reason most people join the military. The military offers job in poor economy when the employment rate is very low. The only stipulation is that you must meet the requirements when joining. The Army has over 190 job opportunities available to you when you enlist. You must first do a basic training which is usually 9 weeks longs. Basic Combat Training is a training course that transforms civilians into Soldiers. It’s the initial period of training new personnel, involving physical activity and behavioral discipline.

Army called their enlisted jobs Military Occupation Specialties (MOS). There are many different job specialties in the Army. Some of the job opportunities are as following: Infantry, Aviation, Judge Advocate General’s Corp (JAG), Military Police, Civil Affair, Adjutant General’s Corp (office work), Public Affairs, Medical and Chaplains. There are many others jobs opportunities. Each MOS have training for them. They send you to various Army bases to complete your training for a specialty job. Training could be anywhere between 5 weeks to years of training. Once you finishing your training, you then go to work like a regular job. Most jobs are like a regular job 9 to 5. The only thing is you don’t have to worry about being laid-off. So that is one benefit so being in the Army.

Who would like to go to school free. In the Army there are many different ways to assistance you so you can go to school. Some of those ways are the Montgomery GI Bill, Up-Front Tuition Assistance Program and the Student Loan Repayment Program. The Montgomery GI Bill benefits are available for service members and veterans to help with education and training costs by providing a certain amount of cash and numerous support programs. They give you a certain amount of money over a 36 month period. MGIB can be used to pay for different programs. Some included are College, Business Technical or Vocational, Flight Training, Licensing and Certification Exams.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) pays 100% of the tuition and fees for mostly active duty soldiers and give you a certain amount per credit hour. As part of the Army Continuing Education program, soldiers use TAP to pay for classes they take during their off-duty time to advance their educations with little to no out of pocket cost. Then you have the College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP). This is use if you already have student loans when you join the Army they can possibly pay most of it back for you. It can pay off up to $65,000 dollars of back if you are enlisted more than three years. Reservist can pay off up to $40,000 with a six-year enlistment.

Nobody likes to worry about medical expenses. Medical benefits in the military are excellent and affordable. When you enlist in the Army, you and your family receive full medical and dental coverage. Even when you retire from the services you still are cover for health insurance. The Army offers benefits for Active Duty personnel, Retirees, Reservist & Guard and to certain family members. The Army basically uses Tricare for their services. Tricare offers different programs. Veterans also have certain health benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides many health benefits for Veterans and family members if they are eligible under the Veterans Health Administration.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate my three main points on joining the United States Army. There are many jobs opportunities in the Army that you can choose from. Why not choose from a list that has over 190 different jobs. Second, you can go to school on Uncle Sam’s dime and get you a degree in your choice of field. Last but not least, you will be provided with health insurance. You will be cover if anything was to happen to you. These were some of the reason you should join the Army.


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Military Service Should Be Mandatory Essay

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Most people have, at one point or another, considered what they were going to do with their lives. Whether a person would like to become an activist, an artisan or a business professional, the military has something for everyone. Finding a path in life is often filled with uncertainty and procrastination. The United States military is a path in itself, should one wish to retire from it; however, should a person wish to make their own path, there are benefits for that as well that can remove all doubt and curb procrastination. Due to these many benefits, I believe that it should be mandatory for all adults to enlist for a minimum of twenty-four months.
In the first twelve months, a person can expect to receive, after possibly paying a…show more content…

This training will also prepare the adult for employment in the civilian world. It can also place them well on their way to a college degree in a field related to what their job in the military is/was. If the individual desires to make a career change, one can also use many of those credits as elective credits. No matter what the situation, the military training and college credits will not go to waste!
In the military, a person will also be able to learn valuable leadership skills. Coupled with training, an individual can take those leadership skills and become significantly more marketable to civilian employers. In fact, there are places that will hire people just by virtue of them being a veteran, in general, as long as they are discharged and/or retired, honorably! As a veteran, the veteran will receive an automatic five to ten point increase, also known as “Preference Points,” for many of the tests or exams that are required for federal government jobs that they may consider for employment (USA Jobs).
Left to their own devices, many people slack off by procrastinating and taking employment with jobs that have no advancement opportunities. This could be due to their having a lack of skill, not enough education or, simply, no desire for financial or career success. The military nips such notions in the bud by providing career and educational counseling. By gaining and using newfound skills, many are encouraged to succeed and gain determination,

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