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Media Bias


One problem that plagues us everyday without us even realizing it is media bias. We see it in the news. We see it on our favorite sitcoms. We read it everyday in the paper. Yet, we really don't recognize it when we hear it or see it. Media bias is evident in every aspect of the media, yet the problem is that we don't even recognize it when it is right in front of our faces. Are the impressions that we form about individuals a product of the media? Do we form certain opinions about particular types of people based solely on the things we see and hear in the media everyday without even realizing it? The problem is not only that there is media bias present, but also that we can't recognize it when we see…show more content…

When women first aired on television, they were seen as housewives and mothers. Few had jobs. Most of the women had husbands that worked hard everyday, and they had submissive roles. Women were not the decision makers, nor did they have too much intelligence. This was seen in shows such as All in the Family, The Beavers, The Donna Reed Show, The Brady Bunch, and many more. There were not any female news anchors, and when they were on television they did cooking shows, and perhaps the weather. As time moved on and the Women Movement began, women became working mothers; still they had lower roles, such as secretarial ones, and factory jobs. Presently women have been portrayed as more career oriented. They are doctors and lawyers, managers, and television anchors. There are also many shows where women are more independent. Many are not married, some are single mothers, and some are even divorced. This was a positive change, but yet it does hold some media bias. The problem is whether these changes occurred because of a societal shift, or was this because people who invested in the media saw this happening, wanted ratings, and felt that this must be done and in turn society began to shift their way of thinking about women; or was it a combination of both?

The problem is why does the media feel that they can shape societal views. Another stereotype that is present in the media

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Media bias

Media bias is an apparent bias of the news anchors or journalist within a gathering by selecting particular measures and stories, which are reported and how they are covered. This implies an insidious contravening the values of journalism slightly than the standpoint of journalist of an article. Media bias is sometimes caused by Journalist failing to report all the existing stories to the audience. Most of times media neutrality is influenced by the government and its degree vary in different countries. Some of the recent media bias includes New York Times on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on 11/13/2013 and New York Times acknowledges the obvious on 10/2/2013. This paper aims at creating awareness on different types of bias done today in the world and the efforts made to reduce the media bias.

The most common forms of bias may occur when the media hold up or assault a particular party, contestant or dogma. However, other form of bias includes advertising bias, this occurs when stories are prejudiced to please advertisers. Another one is Corporate bias occurs when stories are chosen to please corporate media owners. Another type of media bias is mainstream bias, which is the tendency of the reporters avoid stories that offend anyone. In addition, some of the reporters try to air news that is exceptional from the ordinary; this is known as sensationalism bias. Media bias has become common around the world and has now been included in the curriculum studied in the school of journalism. However, several watchdog groups have been stepped up to protect the media from various parts of political spectrum. Media bias in United States occurs when media systematically presents a particular point of view. The most common types of media bias in this state include Liberal bias, main stream bias, and corporate bias. These bias are common in both news and entertainment media.

In an effort to correct bias, a technique known as point/counter point that representatives of contrasting views remark on an issue reported in the media bias. This advance hypothetically allows sundry views to materialize in the media. Journalists have the duty to choose people who actually represent the opinions. Non bias questions are asked and the comments are edited fairly. This format directly accuses a news reporter for creating misleading appearance in the views point. This however happens when there certain taboos in the viewpoints or when news representatives routinely craft claims that are imprecise. Due to this, certain programs have been conducted in the broadcasting system to provide a varied and comprehensive as well as balance of information. This will help minimize bias in the media sector.

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