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BibTeX: How to cite a website

With the increasing importance of the internet for scientific research, need increases for properly citing online resources. Unfortunately, when the main LaTeX citation machinery BibTeX was created, this was not to be foreseen; this is why there is to date no canonical way to cite, say, a website. Different workarounds have emerged, using for example some trickery with the type (see below), but the right way™ hasn't been found yet.

This could change with the advent of biblatex. Its new entry type is supposed to contain references to web resources and doesn't give room for confusion anymore.

With the BibTeX entry

and the LaTeX file

one gets a nicely typeset list of references.

Note that there are plenty of more options and entry types in the biblatex package, such as (the currently unused) and .

Because of its supposedly large impact on the (La)TeX community, the author of biblatex still declares the package as 'beta' which is why it is not included in TeXlive, for example. Should you for this or some other reason be unable to install biblatex, there are (inferior) alternatives to use for URL citations in a reference list.


Using the natbib package

The natbib package extends the functionality of regular bibtex to a certain degree, and allows for website citations as well. There is no specific entry type for online resources, but , , and work quite well.

Note that standard bibstyles (such as ) will not typeset the key contents of the individual entries; it is required to use one of natbib's own entries, e.g. .

Using the url package

The most elemental way to include web references is via the key of the entry. Use


How to cite a URL in BibTeX
Mark Senn
February 11, 2015

How to cite a URL in BibTeX

To cite a URL in BibTeX, put

\usepackage{url} % By default the URLs are put in typewriter type in the body and the % bibliography of the document when using the \url command. If you are % using many long URLs you may want to uncommennt the next line so they % are typeset a little smaller. % \renewcommand{\UrlFont}{\small\tt} between your and command. You may want to uncomment the command, see the the instructions above.

Use, for example,

\cite{Senn:2009} to cite the URL in the text.

Your .bib file should contain, for example,

@manual{Senn:2009, title = "Using {\LaTeX} for Your Thesis", author = "Mark Senn", url = "", year = "2009 (accessed February 3, 2014)" }

Or, if your bibliographystyle does not support the url field (you'll get errors when BiBTeX runs or the output will be wrong), use

@manual{Senn:2009, title = "Using {\LaTeX} for Your Thesis", author = "Mark Senn", note = "\url{}", year = "2009 (accessed February 3, 2014)" }

Email me (see link on second line of this document) if you have questions or problems.


Thanks to Derrick Kearney for sending correct url.sty link.

Revised: February 11, 2015
Created: July 6, 2006

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