Life In 21 Century Essay

In the 21 century, as India enters the age of computer, we would be able to solve various problems as a result of which India would appear for more glorious than the present state.

After Independence India has been on the move politically towards stability, socio-economic progress, scientific and cultural achievements. The U.N.O also wanted every country to achieve the goal of “Health for All” by the beginning of 21st century.

A number of problems of india, expected to be rooted out speedily after independence, have lifted their ugly heads even after 60 years of independence. Regionalism, separatism, terrorism are on the rise with a fiercing mood.

Unemployment ,population explosion, illiteracy, poverty, health and housing problems appear as the stumbling blocks that we are facing now-a-days. Above all, we bear the heavy burden of population and the sense of cultivating moral values has been eroded. It is a shame for us.

To provide for the basic necessities of such a vast population remains a difficult task, and there is no sign that the problem of food cloths and shelter will be solved by the start of the century. So a large section of the people will enter into the new century with poverty as their bosom friend. Another of her major problems is illiteracy. Since India has not succeeded in making education free for boys and girls ups the age of fourteen, it is unlikely that she will be able to arrest her trend of illiteracy.

Another notable problem is the condition of health of her people. So there is no chance of the fulfillment of the hope of “Health for All” programme even after passing some years of the 21st century. Scientists and technically skilled persons reflected the idea of welfare through proper distribution system. Then the poor will find themselves in the main stream and our policy on globalization and open mark economy. Active participation in the group of nations will open up new issues with the new Indian spirit in a body for advancement and set reliance. Though the Government announces various measures to tackle these problems there is no indication that the century will see proper implementation of those.

India is fast changing. The rapid growth in the field of Information Technology has opened up new avenues of employment.

The present age is the age of technology, electronics and internet. There is presence of technology in every spheres of life of Indians. We cannot spend a day without our mobile phones.

There there is surge in e-commerce marketplaces. People can buy goods from the comfort of their homes. These e-commerce companies are competing with the local business. On one hand, these online companies are sources of employment for many people. On the other, due to stiff competition, the local businesses are finding it very hard to grow their business.

Illiteracy is still a major problem for India. With the introduction of technology, most businesses are looking for educated people with some skill of computer and related technology. Illiterate people are experiencing difficulty in getting respectable employment.

Youth population should also consider joining Vocational Training courses. These courses are designed to develop skill for a specific trade. In the present age of specialization, there is surge in demand for skilled people.

Lets hope the 21st century India will solve the various prevailing problems.

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Technology Of The 21st Century

The twenty-first century will be remembered for the fast-paced technology development. A lot of technology advancement took place in this century. Today, technology is virtually in all sectors. It is an important part of life. Technology advancement has had a lot of impact on the quality of life. Life has been made better and simpler. However, it has its adverse effects. There are ways through which technology affects life in a negative manner. One of the main reasons that contributed to the significant technology development experienced in this century is the competition between the different world super powers. Especially after the world wars, nations invested a lot in technology advancement. This was because many anticipated another war and all countries were working towards preparedness in the event of war. This led to a lot of technological innovations and inventions.

Technology in Education

Due to the fast advancement in technology, there was a great need to integrate it in the education sector. With was with the aim of improving service and the quality of education. Technology gives the teachers the required resources to prepare for lectures. It is of great importance for the education sector to make changes that are parallel to the changing technology. This will not only prepare students adequately for the life beyond the classroom but also prepare them to keep the technology advancement moving. The world and life challenges change with every passing day. There is, therefore, a need to keep on improving on technology so as to find better ways to solve problems in the society. Letting the students interact with technology is the best way to ensure continuity in technology advancement.

Tools of the 21st Century

To make the education system better, there were some major instruments in the twenty-first-century technology that were created to help students. The different tools have been created with different intentions. They help students with different aspects of education like research. Most importantly, some of these tools are used to identify and nature students talents. Students with viable invention ideas are helped to develop these ideas. The tools also help in brainstorming students so as to keep their minds fixed on solving problems. These tools are run in a parallel program with the curriculum so as to create all-round students. The tools also used in communication and creating social networks. They help students to communicate effectively and improve their presentation skills. It also helps achieve critical and creative thinking.

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