Unit 03 Homework Assignment Physics Game


Reviving Reviews:
Refreshing Ideas
Students Can't Resist | Review Games

Is review time a deadly bore for you and your students? Add a little fun to review time and you might be surprised. Games will spice up reviews, revive interest, and ensure retention! Included: Five activities for use in all subjects, all grades.

Stop the yawns. Put an end to indifference. Revive those often-deadly skill reviews with a game or two!

This week Education World offers five lessons (and a sidebar of hundreds of additional ideas) to spice up boring reviews and tedious skill practice sessions.

Looking for a place to start? Kids love games shows. And they love PowerPoint too! Why not combine the two and create PowerPoint games that are sure to engage your students? If your students are older and have a little technical know-how, consider having them create PowerPoint games that younger students in the school can actually use! Here are a few templates to get you going. Reminder: Some of these templates might take as much as 30 or more seconds to load.

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  • PowerPoint Games
  • Jeopardy PowerPoint
  • Click each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grade levels for each lesson appear in parentheses.)

    Four-Corner Fun: A Review Game
    Multiple choice review questions are center stage in this fun activity that can be used to review any subject matter, any skill. (Grades K-12)

    Round Robin Post-It Review
    This small-group activity is a fun way for students to review new skills or prep for an end-of-unit test. (Grades K-12)

    Play Ball: A Major League Review Game
    In this game, students advance the bases as they give correct answers to review questions. (Grades K-12)

    Revive Reviews With Student-Created Study Guides
    Build note-taking and outlining skills as students create unit Study Guides for their classmates. All subjects! (Grades 3-12)

    "Concentration" Review Game
    Adapt the game of Concentration to review hundreds of skills. Ideas, puzzle sources included. (Grades K-12)


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