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100 Independence Way
Danvers, MA01923
(978) 646-9464

Average at best.....my drink was good....I got the chicken Caesar salad....it came with the dressing on the side which I thought was a bit weird....I got it with avacado as suggested on the menu and literally it was like 6 little cubed pieces....service was sloooooow. Not rushing back...

I went out with my girlfriend and another couple. Buffalo Wild Wings is a place where you go for bar food such as chicken wings and nachos. The quality of the food is very good, however, I think it is over priced. If you order a large order of traditional wings for $24, it is 20 Wings. Mind you the wings are not very big. The sauces and rubs are delicious, though. The atmosphere is very loud and surrounded by large flat screen TV's to view sporting events or anything of that nature. In this particular night, the Bruins were on and the Hall of Fame induction, but they have a gore-filled scene of Grey's Anatomy which was unpleasant to watch while eating wings. Our waitress, Christine was very nice and tried to make an effort to provide us with the best service, but unfortunately it took them nearly 7 minutes to take a drink order (it was busy). In conclusion, the quality of the wings are fine, but overpriced. Great for social outings and good for any child over the toddler stage.

Well, they certainly lived up to their two star average. We were asked if we wanted to sit in the bar or the dining area. Dining area. Manager Toke host to seat us in the bar. Long wait for a server. Put in our order for the 15-minute lunch. Took about 30 minutes, and per the advertisement, all three entrees should be free. Server never came back. No drink refills. Waiting on the check to see if they actually honor the 15 minute express. I'm doubtful. Oh...the wings were good. I recommend the chips with salt and vinegar rub. Won't likely be back though. Follow-up: manager stopped by the table and told us our meal was out in 13 minutes, 30 seconds. Whatever.

It's honestly hilarious how bad this specific location is. I've never seen a kitchen mess up more in my life, it's like it is their job to fuck up your order. Somehow impossible for them to serve you a crispy wing even if you specifically ask them for "extra extra crispy" to try to compensate for the kitchen guaranteed messing up. Never sent back more food in my life than here but had zero attempts to make up for their mistakes. I could go on for quite some time about all of the different mistakes they've made with my food but I don't feel like writing an essay... Mind-blowing and unfortunate because when you visit a non-horrendous location the wings can be incredible. One time I even got a take-out order here and checked, saw that the wings were not crispy, complained (they did nothing), and then fried them further at my house. Wish they had never gotten an order right so I could have never gone back but a few times they have so I've given it too many chances with hopes that they'd do their jobs right. You'd have better luck getting struck by lightning than walking away satisfied from this place...

I can't say enough bad about a place that can't even do a half decent job not their "signature" dish... Bland, scrawny, sad wings accompanied by cardboard carrots. Just awful, uninspired, food. Even Hooters figured out how to do excellent wings, and you would think they would be the ones to not bother with their food.

Ordinarily I wouldn't write repeat reviews but damn is this place bad. We placed a phone order the other night. Modest order, couple wing orders and fries. Girl said 15-20 minutes. We show up 25 minutes later and the food is still not ready. After 5 more minutes, we ask for the manager. Girl says "we just had a party of 30 come thru here" blah blah blah so what? Why not tell me 30 or 35 minutes then? Why give times you can't possibly deliver on? Manager has still not showed, but the food has. We asked for 3x blue cheese and got 2. Girl argued with my wife about what we asked for on the phone... excellent. Waited 1 more minute for the manager but he never showed so we left. Fyi, Applebess (located in same plaza), while not an awesome restaurant itself, does actually have better boneless wings than BWW. They don't have all the sauces but the quality is better, and the service is 1000% better.

The food is fine, the atmosphere is what you expect from a sports bar. It's good for a quick eat. Nothing special, but the food is pretty decent.

Absolute worst! Waited 45 minutes for food, asked to cancel it and for check. Management and wait staff didn't seem to understand. Asked us to take a survey after all complaints.

We went the other day and had a great meal & service. So I had a burger, cooked perfect. I like mine well done and often places tend to dry them out when asked. This was awesome, perfectly done but still juicy enough. My GF had the chicken quesadilla. She liked it alot, said it was loaded with chicken and cheese with just the right amount of spice. It was served with lettuce and a nice spicy pico with a side of sour cream - delicious. It was a little crowded but the service was great. Our waitress was friendly and attentive, made sure the drinks were filled. The food was out promptly, no real lag on that end. What we do love is, being sports people, the amount of games at one time being screened. You won't miss a thing even if you need to hit the restroom - tvs in there too! I would recommend anytime but on game day a definite place to hang & enjoy.

Came here for a drink and burger... Danielle at the bar was ok... cold not very friendly but ok... got the burger... over cooked dry and tasteless ... a beer and it was ok Expected from suburbs Then they seated 9 kids on a high table close to the bar who were very loud Not what I wanted to see A bunch of 6 years old kids next to the bar HORRIBLE!!!!

So I've come here a couple of times with the wife. It's a restaurant chain, and I don't know about other sites. This is a good spot though. It doesn't usually seem busy when we come, then again we've come during off times. It's a sport's bar theme, so it's not my usual 'go-to' If I'm going out at night with some friends. They do have plenty of big screen televisions on sports channels. Our server was very pleasant, food came out promptly and we didn't have to wait long for it to come out. This has been my experience each time I've come here. Establishment is very clean, and I do like the design of the place. I got the grilled chicken buffalitos with jerk sauce (had some nice heat to it!) with French fries. The wife got the mix and match, teriyaki and honey bbq for sauce. For an appetizer we got mozzarella sticks. The wife loves their mozz sticks, they're really good. What I like about this place is the choice in sauces. Also, they don't give you huge portions, I feel the portions are just right and it's actually a nice change of pace in American dining. We don't come too often because there are other places we prefer going to. But we've come before, and will probably visit again in the future.

Magic Hat #9? Yes, please. I haven't had that in ages. We were at the mall to see a movie, and it happened to be half-off wing night. That was a nice bonus! My brother and I split 15 wings with 3 different sauces. I think the Zingy Asian sauce was my favorite. I forget the other 2, but only 1 of them was mediocre. Maybe they have too many sauces! The waitress was prompt with the bill, (She knew about our time constraint) and, of course, she was super-friendly. Also, the place was clean. All things considered, I'd go back.

We came to Buffalo Wild Wings Danvers on Saturday night during the Patriots play off game. You would think that they would've expected it to be a busy night (which compared to several other restaurants we checked, it was not busy). However, they were clearly understaffed. Our server Danielle was extremely unfriendly and inattentive. She would check on us and ask us for drinks maybe once an hour. Our food, which took 45 minutes for one order of wings, was cold. Our friends ordered a quesadilla at a different table with a different server and the cheese was not melted at all and their chicken wings were cold too. We will never be back here with such other great sports bars in the area. Update: came here a few weeks later and the service was equally bad. Steve was our server. He was nice and tried to give the best service with the situation. Danielle was behind the bar and once again she was a disaster who was holding up the whole restaurant. This girl should not work in the service industry. Food was better than last time.

Extremely slow service and the attitude of the bartenders was terrible...sorry to bother you and make you actually WORK!!!!

Ordered wings all the bones in winglets were in small pieces almost choked. Service was bad, place smells, overpriced waitress looked more like a street walker than a server. How they remain in business is a mystery.

Twice for tuesday wings. Waitress was very nice. Food was ok,not a wow on the sauces.BUT hostess Victoria, wow, what an attitude. Awful and disrespectful towards us,not only in the first visit, but second visit as well. Terrible employee,up to a point that she discrimimated us. Remember this name VICTORIA

I really don't know where to start with this place. After an experience last night I will not be returning. I called ahead to place a small order of wings for myself; I drove down from Gloucester and when I arrived 25 minutes later the folks behind the take-out counter had not even put my order in, they claimed they couldn't find my name in the take-out order queue. The servers are rude, disappear for extended periods of time, and even when they do appear you'll be lucky if they even consider checking on you. The food takes an absurd amount of time to come out, even when the restaurant is clearly not very busy. Granted, there are a few excellent servers at this restaurant, but I've had far more sour experiences than good ones. I usually like to order a Grateful Dead, and the bartenders really to make a killer Grateful Dead. I've had a server refuse to let me order one because, according to her, she didn't know how to ring that up in the computer. Oh yeah, it would've been nice to get that ranch sauce with my spicy wings too. There are plenty of great sports bars and wings joints on the North Shore: BWW is not one of them.

Food was cold and stale. Waitress disappeared and didn't bother to provide good service plus there was hardly any customers. Worst place.

My fiancés parents surprised us and wanted to take us out to dinner, since we had our 2 year old nephew, a loud, entertaining restaurant seemed like a good idea. Once we were seated we looked at the menus, I don't think these have ever been cleaned since a piece of bacon was in one of them and could barely get the sticky pages separated. I ran to the bathroom and couldn't even use it. The floor was soaked and every toilet had toilet paper or shit in it. After a 30 minute ticket time, everything came out wrong. The fries were cold, the lettuce brown, and the beers were an inch empty. When we told our sever how unhappy we were, she didn't apologize but offered to get a manager. At this point we were so agitated we just said no thanks. I sat with an empty glass of water the whole time, no napkins even though we must have ordered about 30 wings and never offering to bring something else. When the food was delivered, she put our food on the non busses table next to us so she could pass out our food. This was the most miserable experience I think ever in a restaurant I've had. I ate my food even though the chicken sandwich was rubber since my new in laws were doing something nice for us. The manager must have known something was wrong since he took off one of the sandwiches but was too busy busing all of our servers tables. Piece of advice, one a person has a bad experience they tell 10 more people and since there were 5 of us that's 50 people. Get you shit together BWW because if you keep this up you'll be the next one to go out of business at the liberty tree mall.

So let's dive into this disaster, so we show up on a Saturday early morning right after they open and we stand waiting to get a table five minutes. The waitress that seated up crammed us in the corner of the restaurant so we could see only one set of tv's if you faced the right way. The chicken was horrible. Ordered the chicken tenders. I don't mean this in a sarcastic manner but the chicken was off, bad should've been thrown away expired, dilapidated and any other host of finishing words you can conjure up. Then the waitress in the empty bar with disappear for 10 to 15 minutes at a time I sat there for 15 minutes wanting to pay my bill and leave the dump. But I had to wait. Go to the food court down the hall to get better chicken cheaper price and you won't have to put up with an incompetent waitresses or waiters. But it wasn't all bad whoever hooked up the soda machine did a great job with the carbonation to syrup mixture for the Pepsi this was probably the best Pepsi I've had in a very long time comparing it to a bunch of other places that serve Pepsi products so stick to the bar side stay away from the food side


6709 Fayetteville Road
Durham, NC27713
(919) 206-4497

This is a good to go to during lunch. Sat in the far Back area by myself in the hi-tops. Got business done, service was great, food was on point and attentive even though I was the only one there. Percy made sure I was well and served within 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, this place really deserves 1 star. However, i will give two stars because they do have one of the BEST VEGGIE BURGERS. The service .... SUPER SUCKS. So sad. I feel back for the girl, Sierra, who is always working at the front registers at the take out | to go counters. She has to run all the pick ups, to go orders and she answers the phone to take the phone orders. On top of that, she also helps dine in customers They have messed up 4 of my orders. The management staff is terrible. I hope the get some new management soon. :-(

Vegetarian: I've eaten here 2 or 3 times and have never been particularly happy with my meal. I've had a sampler with foods like mozzarella sticks and onions rings, I've also had their cheese curds. All of these appetizers were what you could expect from any restaurant with bar food, just mediocre. I have to commend them for having a black bean burger that you can substitute for a beef patty on any of their burgers. Mine was burnt though so I can't give them much credit for it. Vegan: The black bean burger is not vegan. None of their salads are vegan but they can be customized. The only safe vegan options are sides. Service: The service is really the reason for the 1-star rating. Everytime I come, it takes more than 10 minutes for a waitress to visit my table even when the restaurant is basically empty. It then takes as obscene amount of time for the food to be brought out, and it's not even hot. The wait staff is polite but extremely inattentive. Recommendations: I would give them another chance but for now I would not recommend them to anyone.

The service is pretty slow, but this location is usually very busy as well. Spots like this are perfect for people who just want to go get some wings with friends or watch the game on TV. The servers are usually very nice, but honestly, management needs to figure out why the service is consistently slow. Plenty of times I've come here, ordered an appetizer and gotten it the same time as I received my meal. BWW also sometimes has a very suspicious bathroom mop water smell. Despite it's flaws, it is a good place to go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays for cheaper wings.

Gotta redo my review... when they are busy the service is compromised. I placed an order online with them that said pick up at 7:50PM. I got here at 7:51PM and the food wasn't ready. It's now 8:22PM and they just found my food. It's been sitting in the back since 7:50PM. Looks like the front end staff over looked it. No way I'm taking home a cold sandwich at this point. Sorry BWW I'll try again next time. I had them remake the sandwich... took another 20 minutes. Finally I get home to eat the food and they gave me the wrong ORDER!!!!!!!! I AM SO LIVID AT BWW

I went with my family and family friends after watching a movie. This was my first time at this particular location and I was quite disappointed. I walked in as I was checking in on Yelp and I wondered why this place had such a bad review. But after last night, I understood why. When I first walked in, I wasn't sure my party was already there so I made a phone call outside and came back in. When I came back inside, there were 3 hosts at the counter. I was trying to get their attention by saying "excuse me" and "hello". One of them actually made an eye contact with me but because the other host was talking, she decided to ignore me. That's when my sister jumped in basically raising her voice to get their attention. They finally turned around and talked to us. While waiting to be seated, I used the bathroom. Well, 2/3 stalls had no toilet paper. It was not the cleanest place I should say. Floors were very slippery throughout the entire place. Our server was ok. I asked for water with lemon and what she brought out looked dry and disgusting. There was no way I was putting it in my water. I used to be a server and if I was her, I would've never brought out those lemon slices. We also had an incident where she spilled water on my friend's lap. She didn't really clean up the table well. We had a big party but there was so much stuff on our table. So we had to put all the dirty plates together for her to take it. We had ordered a medium and a large size wings and we were still hungry so we decided to get one more medium. It took them so long. Some of us were a bit annoyed. Considering a lot of people had left by then. I think the wings could've been fried a bit harder. Everyone thought it was too chewy. I do like their mango habanero and garlic Parmesan sauce

Sadly, I must update my review. This place has fallen so far from where it once was....... I love BDubs and it is becoming very difficult to find one that actually has decent service. I give this place a 2 star solely for the TVs and sports programming. The biggest problem we have seen in the last few trips is that the bartender only talks and does not check the tickets for the rest of the restaurant. So if you are not sitting at the bar, you will wait a while for your drink. I hope the acquisition by Arby's helps or I may have to stop my love affair with Buffalo Wild Wings......

I really like buffalo wild wings. I went for lunch with some coworkers a little while back for the first time in a while. Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of this location. I'm not sure what it was, I think it was the towels that the tables were wiped down with but there was a very distinct smell that was not appealing while dining. The restaurant wasn't busy and we didn't get much attention from our waitress either, unfortunately, which left us with empty drinks. As far as food, I got the naked chicken + fries for the lunch deal. The chicken was very flavored/seasoned - a little too salty for my taste but not too bad overall.

We order take-out from this location occasionally. We don't go to eat here because it is ridiculously loud in there and you can't hear yourself think, so we get food to-go. The food is always pretty good, but we have NEVER GOTTEN A CORRECT ORDER. Not once. They leave out some wings, or some fries, or carrots / celery, or SOMETHING. So every time we end up calling back to try and get something reimbursed and the staff member who answers the phone a) can't hear a thing we say, even if we shout into the phone, and b) clearly doesn't care that our order was wrong. That's what it comes down to: the staff don't care. BWW is not cheap food, either, so I think this might be the last order they get from us. Not that they'll care...

Big fan of BWW, but a big NO to this particular one. Slow service when only a couple tables were seated. I tried to ask for help from a different server when we hadn't spotted ours in 20 minutes, only to hear that we could only be helped by our original server. Didn't even say they'd call or look for them, just left. Really? Hard, overcooked wings and no "extra wet" option that other BWW locations definitely have. No napkins, silverware, or drink refills until long after our food came out. AND the order came out wrong - thankfully they gave it to us on the house. At least it was nice and quiet inside.... but it's not hard to see why.

The wings here are actually decent - I like the Hot BBQ sauce the best - but are overpriced in my opinion. This particular location could also use a little improvement in the service department. I understand that at certain times of the day, or when big sporting events are going on, it will be really busy. But when I came with some friends during an NBA finals game, it took us a good 30, maybe 40, minutes before our order was even taken, and our waiter was too obviously flustered by the busy-ness of that night. I've been to other Buffalo Wild Wings during March Madness where I've been served with attention in spite of the busy-ness. Undoubtedly, it's a good place to watch sporting events because of all the televisions on the walls throughout the restaurant. You just might have to put up with sub-par service.

Awful experience last night at BWW by Southpoint. We went there at 6 as a work group to do the NFL Fantasy draft and had a table reserved. We were seated promptly but everything after that was a disaster. It took some time for our waitress (Porsha) to come to our table to get our drink order. I ordered a water and then later a Long Island Iced tea and food. Others in our group ordered beers on tap. She asked me if I wanted top shelf or house liquor and I said house for all. And then we started the draft so we were all busy but once 30 mins or so passed and we realized not even the drinks or beers came we started wondering. Then about 20 mins later another waitress comes over and said she is going to take over because our current waitress had to be escorted by EMS. She confirmed that orders were all punched in but 30 mins later nothing, not even the draft beers were out. Another waitress eventually brings them and our new waitress brings the food that had been clearly sitting out because the fries and wings were cold. No celery or carrots either. When I got my bill, it said top shelf Long Island and I told the waitress I wanted house alcohol and she said "Sorry, there is only one option." Everyone at the table confirmed that I was given an option when I ordered. I work part time in a restaurant and EVERY BAR HAS HOUSE ALCOHOL. We don't use top shelf alcohol unless the customer requests. Also, no discount or anything for the hassle. No manager ever came by either. Unacceptable, when the place was hardly busy. All in all awful experience and will never go back to this location. If I could do negative stars, I would! The Holly Springs location is awesome though!!!

I don't expect too many great things from chains, but I do expect more than what we got. I've been to this location for sit-down service before and it was fine. We ordered take-out yesterday: a large boneless box with 4 sauces, ranch, celery, and fries. We got to celery, which we figured out when we got home. We waited a while for someone to help us grab our order. The staff was too busy folding hats and the only cashier person was occupied. Finally someone came to the counter and got us checked-out. It also took a while for the food to come out. I would have given this 4 stars if the service was faster and the staff had smiled at all.

Placed an online order for pickup at 9:40pm. Arrived shortly after and was not given my food until 15 minutes later. 3 other patrons came in after me and received their orders before mine was ready. When I finally got my order, the traditional wings I ordered were barely sauced. The chocolate sauce I requested for my cheesecake bites turned out to be a side of teriyaki. Probably one of the grossest things I've ever tasted. I was already unimpressed with their customer service, but the crappy food was the final straw. Will not be returning here, to this location or any other Buffalo Wild Wings. If you're looking for a great wing spot in Durham, I'd highly recommend Heavenly Buffaloes. They don't skimp on sauce & the customer service is ACTUAL service. HEAVENLY BUFFALOES FOR YOUR WINGS. Thank me later.

Every single time I have come here (3 times total) I get an attitude. First, host trys to conceal the dirty table with a menu (really!). The waitress claims the drink was an Arnold Palmer & I promise you it was the worst ever and she rolled her eyes cause I wanted something else. I wish people would stop showing up to work with a attitude. Obviously this is not the profession for you. It would help to remember our prime purpose in life is to help others & if you can't help them don't hurt them! Frustrated

Service was fast & friendly. Fried stuff crispy, not greasy. Love the variety of flavors up & down the heat scale. All the major & regional college football games were on at least one tv. What's not to like?

Avoid on half priced wing nights on Tuesdays. They can't get their stuff together ...ordered online 45 mins earlier, even came ten minutes later and still waited another half hour. Horrible service except for one of the 4 who spoke with me...the staff was running around every which way, all chaotic. Of course, my order was wrong, and my salad had that wilted, wet not-at all-appetizing look and smell - I tossed it in the trash. The wings were cold and we heated them up in the mircrowave. They were decent but overall def not worth it.

How hard is it for a wing place to make an order of wings? More than 40 minutes apparently. Except....wait....all the tables around us (people who came after us) have their food. And never a visit from our waitress to explain, acknowledge or apologize. We didn't even bother speaking to a manager before walking out. That would require that a manager was in sight. The only reason we picked the place was that they would be quick. Sheesh.

Crazy slow!!!! The servers are terrible and unattentive. Takes forever to get waited on and checked up on. Wings are good but not great. So slow!!!!!! This is an update. It has been a very long time since I've gone to this location. I was truly hoping that after all this time things may have been improved. This experience was by far the worst experience out of every terrible experience I've ever had at this terrible location. We were sat at 4:00 PM and not one server came to see us in 20 minutes. We ended up getting up and leaving. I asked for a manager to tell them about this and the manager didn't care enough to even look up at me while I told them. I do not recommend this location to any human on earth. I would not recommend this location to a dog that's living on the street. They have the worst service staff I have ever seen in my entire 42 years of life, and the managers are worse than them! This place should be shut down it's such a fucking dump. If you go here you must be crazy because it is a total and utter disappointment, let down and pile of garbage. Not to mention it is far from clean The food is subpar and the service deserves a -10 stars. I mean this from the bottom my heart I would not give this place one star if you paid me $1 million!

This place has issues. Managerial/kitchen issues that I won't go into. If Jeremy hadn't been our server it would have gotten one star. However Jeremy is a diamond. He really needs to be elevated to manager. His service was amazing despite the ridiculous probs with the kitchen. He was upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable and suggested excellent dishes. I wish they could clone him. In fact we would have walked out but he was so sweet, we stayed. 5 stars for Jeremy!!!! Go in and ask to be served only by him!!!!

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