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Best Answer:  I have a persuasive essay due monday and i cant find a topic too.. there's the easiest [smoking] but ive done it before and everyone is doing it and i want somehing different.

i have those ideas but i dont know how to talk about them.. maybe you could;

1. Abortion: Persuade in the position for or against
2. The voting age: Persuade as to whether it should be upheld, lowered, or raised
3. Gay marriage: Persuade as to whether it should be legalized or not
4. The Death Penalty: Persuade as to whether it should be allowed or not
5. The issue of trying juveniles as adults: Persuade as to whether this practice should be allowed
6. Cell phones while driving: Persuade as to whether laws should or should not be enacted against this practice
7. Alternative fuels: Persuade as to whether they are a necessity that should be turned to

and i found those on yahoo! answers

* Should boxing be banned?
* Should the driving age be raised to 18?
* Should semi-automatic weapons be banned?
* Should teens who murder be executed?
* Should hunting be outlawed?
* Should recycling be mandatory?
* Should schools require student uniforms?
* Should college athletes be paid?
* Should condoms be available in high school?
* Should the death penalty be abolished?
* Should handguns be banned?
* Should assisted suicide be permitted?
* Should legal immigration be stopped?
* Should dying people be kept on life support?
* Should tobacco products be banned?
* Should the logging industry be allowed to harvest public forests?
* Should state lotteries be banned?
* Should alcoholic beverages be banned?
* Should alcoholic beverages be legalized for all ages?
* Should the Internet be censored?
* Should school prayer be allowed?
* Should music lyrics be censored?
* Should extremist groups (i.e. KKK, skinheads)
be banned?
* Should parents of teen vandals be held responsible for their child's damage?
* Should research on cloning be discontinued?
* Should convicted sex offenders' names be made public?
* Should affirmative action laws which give special privileges to minorities be eliminated?
* Should a rookie salary cap be enforced in pro sports?
* Should the U.S. provide foreign aid?
* Should females in the military be excluded from combat and other "hazardous" duties?
* Should high schools be segregated by the sex of the student?
* Should parents of students who are excessively absent from school be prosecuted under the law?
* Should "home schooling" be permitted?
* Should Native Americans be allowed to have gambling casinos on their reservations?
* Should students failing their classes in high school have their driver's license revoked?
* Should pros be allowed to draft college athletes before they graduate?
* Should wolves be reintroduced to public lands?
* Should free, disposable needles be given to drug addicts?
* Should marijuana be legalized?
* Should adopted children be given the choice of contacting their biological parents?
* Should mothers who give their children up for adoption be allowed to keep their identity secret?
* Should welfare be limited by time?
* Should all pregnant women be required to take an AIDS test?
* Should off-shore drilling be banned?
* Should school funding come from local property taxes?
* Should casino gambling be legalized in Ohio?
* Should the U.S. phase out the Electoral College (regarding presidential elections)?
* Should abortion be legal?
* Should students be required to pass proficiency tests in order to graduate from high school?
* Should people pulled over fur DUI have their license suspended for life?
* Should pagers and cell phones be allowed in school?
* Should families of victims be allowed to decide the punishment of those who commit crimes?



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In a persuasive essay, your goal is to turn whoever is reading the essay to your point of view, you can use "i" . However it is better in my experiance to use instead of I think, to use phrases like I "believe". I think has a tendancy to sound a little jouvinile, and your goal is to sound like an athourity on whatever you are trying to persuade people to think. That is not to say that you want it to sound like a full reaserch paper, but try to through around a lot of facts that support your argument. Or that refute the other sides argument. One set of words that you don't want to use very much, or at all if you can avoide it is "you" or anything like that, it has been found to place peope on a defensive, which will cause them to not listen to what is being said. They will start to look at all that you have said in an analitical point of view, which is something that most people, would not find usefull when trying to get people to agree with what they are saying. Remeber to keep it persuasive, this is not a debate paper, not a debate essay were you would be trying to get the other side to give up. It is a persuasive essay where you are trying to get people to agree to what you are saying. So yes someone could use I think, or I believe, in a persuasive essay, however you might find it better to use, things like it has been found, or I found in reaserching the topic that (blank) out of (blank) cases, or people, or doctors ect... However I would advise you not to use too many facts, because then it becomes more of a reaserch paper, than a persuasive essay, it is a delacate balance, Some people would find that more facts are more compelling, and that gets the focus off you and on to athorities, and facts and you cant argue with a fact. Hope that this helps.

Source(s): Previous experiance in school essays.

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