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Leadership Analysis Jeff Bezos

...LEADERSHIP ANALYSIS PROJECT Leadership Management Jeff Bezos PART 1: SELF-AWARENESS [pic] |Leadership Self-Assessment: Readiness (p. 12) | |Score | 81 | |Interpretation |I believe does not represent well my Leadership ability for one main reason: It does not grade | | |Humility. I believe that I could have gotten a much better score had I jotted all 5’s, and I could | | |have seem like the next Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King. However I believe that humility is one of | | |the most important attributes that cannot be measured by a simple survey. The closest way to measure | | |Leadership with humility is not to rank the 90-100 score as the highest. This should be the scoring | | |group that needs to reevaluate themselves and seek more humility. The one who would score in the 80-90| | |percentiles can understand that there is still improvement needed, but they are the closest in being a| | |better leader. A good leader always knows that there is always a way to improve, and......

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Jeff Bezos

...Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos, the leader, had a wide set of values that he obviously followed in all the different decisions he took. The clearest ones are that he is creative, ambitious, broad minded, adventurous, courageous, intellectual and helpful. He has been creative as he thought out of the box and used some statistics about the internet usage rate along with the idea that books isn't a thing that people would need to see and try before buying to mix them together and start the all new idea of selling books online, and thus started a small company based on a dream from his house and then shifted to an office. That was clear in the Harvard business review quoting "Given the attributes of the product and the structure of the supply chain, a no bricks retailer could clearly make it and make it big!". along with creativity came ambition and adventure where his ambition took him a step at a time into new opportunities of renting storage spaces, and allowing bidders to jump in, and compare their prices, it made it clear to customers that Amazon cares a lot about them and wants for them the best bid generating more customer loyalty and satisfaction. He was an intellect when he needed to be one as clear in the Fortune magazine interview saying " he concocted a business plan" meaning he wasn’t all dreamy without facing reality, he also cared about figures and plans to guarantee the idea's success. Helpfulness also came along the way mentioning in the New York state......

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...Machine: How Bezos Decodes the Customer Jeff Bezos is known for his customer-centric beliefs and his attention to business details. According to Anders (2013), he "is a notorious micromanager… an executive who wants to know about everything from contract details to how he is quoted in all Amazon press releases”. Jeff Bezos' is the world's largest internet retailer of any kind reporting more than $61 billion in 2012 sales (Anders, 2013). Based on an article published by Forbes in April 2013, this work identifies some of Jeff Bezos’ leadership traits and style that have influenced him to build Amazon into one of most profitable and most admired companies in the world. The article by George Anders (2013), contributor writer for Forbes, highlights how Amazon was transformed from an online bookstore to a giant Internet retailer, Bezos’ customer-centric strategies to figure out what his 164-million customers want and not his 56,000 employees, and how Amazon manages its “culture of metrics” in order to track its performance through about 500 measurable goals. Through Jeff Bezos’ greatest accomplishment of transforming Amazon from an online bookstore to a giant Internet retailer, this author can identify Bezos’ leadership traits, such as intelligence, self-confidence, determination, and integrity, within the framework of Trait Approach. The Trait Approach suggests that organizations will work better if the people in the managerial positions have designated leadership......

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...Jeff Bezos: Inventor of E-Commerce Biography of Jeffrey P. Bezos Chairman and CEO of Jeffrey P. Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He displayed an outstanding mechanical aptitude, even from an early age. As a teenager, Jeffrey’s family moved to Miami, Florida. His love for computers started in his early high school years and eventually became valedictorian of his class. Furthering his education, he entered into Princeton University to study physics, but soon switched majors and graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. After graduation, Bezos started working on Wall Street for the start-up company, Fitel. After a few observations about the Internet and its trends, he decided to go out on his own and take a chance with his own company. With that, the well-known was born. Bezos should be looked at as an inspiration to not only other entrepreneurs out there, but to anyone who has a great idea and runs with it. Without Jeffrey’s intuition, determination, and exceptional knowledge about the Internet, might not be the great success that it is today. There was no Internet commerce to speak of still in 1994. One day Bezos noticed that the Internet usage was increasing by 2,300 percent a year. He saw an opportunity for a new sphere of business, and immediately began considering his possibilities. He knew the only way to seize the opportunity was to go into business for himself. He......

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Amazon.Com Swot Analysis

...Overview started in the mid 1990s as an online bookselling venture and then quickly morphed into a retail supercenter, selling all types of products. The company has faced much adversity and growing pains along the way, and had a difficult time turning a profit for many years. However, it appears as though they have turned the corner in recent years and now have become very successful as a result of founder Jeff Bezos’ vision and sound business plan for the company. They must continue to increase their edge in innovations and ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Strengths has many different strengths, as is made apparent by the success they have seen. Their cost leadership strategy, producing products with a lower cost than competitors, has been evident from the company’s inception. sought to gain market share by providing products and services at a much lower rate, sometimes at the expense of their profit margin. This proved to be a wise idea and a top strength of the company as it pressured the competition and ultimately put many brick and mortar stores out of business. Another strength was’s first mover advantage. got into the business of online selling very early, at a time when retail stores were very prominent and seen as primary means for consumers to purchase products. quickly gained loyal customers and continued to exploit this advantage since other companies had so much ground to......

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Leadership and Motivational Styles of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs and leadership, it becomes hard to differentiate the two aspects since a good manager must exhibit good leadership skills. Furthermore, good leadership encompasses autocratism, democratism and Laissez-fairism applied concurrently by an individual depending on the situation. Management styles on the other hand are mainly two, autocratic and permissive. They are key in determining the leadership style to be applied. For instance, it is very hard for democratic leadership style to be applied in permissive management style. Therefore, the leadership style selected by an effective manager in most cases depends on the situation Jeff Bezos An exemplary and visionary leader who not only enforces his vision among his employees but also makes them feel important to the organization by directly involving them in development of important decisions in the organization. His success is basically founded on his ability to complement effective leadership, as well as management styles. His leadership approach is based on sustained pressure that comes from a hybrid style developed by combining the three main leadership styles. His is also unrelenting even after being recognized among the world’s richest persons, he still runs his company as if it is new. Steve Jobs He is one of the greatest and yet controversial managers and leaders in the business world. He successfully managed to revive a dying company into one of the most profitable organizations globally through his......

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Jeff Bezos and His Journey

...Jeff Bezos, founder of Life and work story of Jeff Bezos Career Pathways Period of Time Came to this new-established firm after graduate from university Fitel 1986 1990 Worked as a computer science specialist then pointed as a senior vice president D. E. Shaw & Co. 2013 Purchased the newspaper section for $250 million cash of TWP The Washington Post Introduced to public and successfully made $20,000 sales in a week and kept improving the site till now Amazon 1995 2007 Establish an aerospace company, which is aiming to build up human existence in outer space by developing new technology in space flight Blue Origin Jeff bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 12th January 1964 with full name of Jeffrey Preston Bezos. He ever turned his parents’ garage into a laboratory and makes cordage of electrical contraptions around house. He pursued his interest by studying computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton University, New Jersey, United States. On that time, computer science was in high demand to study market trends. Being graduated from university, Bezos started to work in Fitel, new firm that tried to establish network for international trade. Then he was hired by D. E. Shaw & Co., a global investment firm based in New York City, America and shortly he became a senior vice president in 1990. On July 16, 1995, Bezos opened, named from the South American river which has......

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Jeff Bezos

...Introduction Jeffrey Preston "Jeff" Bezos is an American business magnate and investor. He is a technology entrepreneur who has played a key role in the growth of e-commerce as the founder and CEO of, an online merchant of books and later of a wide variety of products. Under his guidance, became the largest retailer on the World Wide Web and a top model for Internet sales. In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post newspaper. Background Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a teenage mother, Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, and his biological father, Ted Jorgensen. Bezos's parents were married less than a year, and when Bezos was four years old his mother married his step-father Mike Bezos, a Cuban immigrant. As a child, Jeff Bezos showed an early interest in how things work, turning his parents' garage into a laboratory and rigging electrical contraptions around his house. As a teenager, his family moved to Miami where he developed a love for computers and excelled in school, becoming the valedictorian of his class. While in high school, he attended the Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida, receiving a Silver Knight Award in 1982. In high school, he also started his first business, the Dream Institute, an educational summer camp for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. Bezos pursued his interest in computers at Princeton University, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1986 with a Bachelor of......

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Financial Analysis of Amazon.Com

...Writing Assignment: Financial Analysis by Angelo Fresco Strayer University FIN 534: Financial Management Dr. James Glenn March 11, 2013 Company Overview The company, its operations, locations, markets, and lines of business, Inc. (AMZN) is a leading global Internet company and one of the most visited Internet retail destinations worldwide. Amazon is one of the first companies to sell products at steep discounts by housing them in numerous warehouses and distributing products from many partner companies. Amazon directly sells or acts as a platform for the sale of a broad range of products. These lines of business include: an online bookstore, DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloads, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. The company also produces consumer electronics—notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the Kindle Fire tablet computer—and is a major provider of cloud computing services. The majority of Amazon’s sales are products sold by Amazon, although many are from third-party retail sellers and consumers that sell their products from the comfort of their own home using as a platform. Amazon was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It has direct international operations in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Last year Fortune ranked CEO Jeff Bezos as its Businessperson of the Year on the back of the company's stellar growth,......

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Jeff Bezos Ceo

...through the analysis and satisfaction of customers’ wants and needs” (Finch, 2012). wanted advancement in the way they provide for their customers. They wanted to serve their customers better than any other company. Individuals know as a book/music on-line store. They have now become a multi-billion dollar on-line store that sells everything. “More than 209 million active customers rely on Amazon for everything from flat-panel TVs to dog food” (J. J. McCovey, 2013). Customers enjoy shopping with Amazon because they can buy without dealing with sales people. They are well known for providing great and reliable service to their customers, and they do not employ sales people. Shopping at home has become an excellent way for many busy individual to shop. Purchase what you want, and pick your options for shipping then back to what you were doing. Orders are usually shipped and received in a timely manner. Amazon’s CEO is Jeff Bezos, who has developed many approaches to increase customer satisfaction. Bezos has created loyalty from his customer’s buy fixing consumer issues, and identifying and correcting persistent problems. Now the CEO has come up with other ideas on how to ship faster, bring more customer satisfaction, how to keep the buyers loyal, starting an on-line grocery store, and so much more. The CEO saw a future in on-line shopping. Whatever the consumer wanted, whenever the customer wanted it, and wherever they wanted the product. Bezos......

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Amazon.Com Analysis

...Introduction is a Public Company formed in the year 1994 by CEO and Chairman Jeff Bezos It began as an online delivery of books, movies and music but later diversified its products to include computer software, DVDS, VHS, CDS, video games, toys, apparels, food and furniture among others. Objectives: Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak states outright that “our objective remains offering low prices every day and applying them broadly across our entire product range rather than discounting a small number of products for a limited time.” what’s good for the customer will ultimately turn out to be in the company’s best interest Strategies: strategy of low product and shipping prices combined with a superior customer experience can conduct a survey of how well a product is doing by looking at its distribution, production and consumption and then deducing whether this is economically viable. It could utilise economic data to assess the prices of the new venture-online shipping against the backdrop of how much consumers are paying for it. It could carry out a comparison between prices of online shipping and levels of employment or other factors such as; preferences, consumption, preferences, buying, selling and value of money. Because online shipping is a relatively new product in the e-commerce market, the Company could ensure that it becomes a leader in the market. This will mean continuously coming up with new innovations in the service so that it......

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Jeff Bezos

...Lessons learned From Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos is an excellent leader who is responsible for the rise and growth of Amazon in the world of e-commerce. One of the important lessons to learn from his leadership is that knowledge and intelligence are fundamental to become a good leader. Jeff Bezos focuses mainly on customer needs and continuously tries to enhance the customer experience, hence it took almost an year to develop the customer friendly Amazon website and another three months to test it. He is widely respected in the company for his knowledge and technical expertise. For instance, he pointed out all the key problems in a report presented to him by a supply chain manager in a matter of few minutes which surprised everyone present. One of the most important thing to have as a leader is to possess the ability and knowledge that matches your position. A leader should have the vision, courage and ability to lead the company successfully and moreover should command the respect of his employees. The key lesson to learn from Jeff Bezos is that knowledge and intelligence define a leader and before one becomes a leader he should work hard to acquire the necessary knowledge and possess the ability required to lead others. Besides a numbers of merits, there are also several areas where Jeff Bezos was an ineffective leader. Bezos not giving importance to his employees and being tough on them are some of his mistakes as a leader. It can learnt that it is very important for a......

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Jeff Bezos Leadership

...F11­MANA3001 ­ Jeff Bezos 104  Get your Wikispaces Classroom now: (­switch/banner/1/) the easiest way to manage your class. Jeff Bezos 104 (/Jeff+Bezos+104)   Edit   35 (/Jeff+Bezos+104#discussion)   25 (/page/history/Jeff+Bezos+104) … (/page/menu/Jeff+Bezos+104) Jeff......

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Jeff Bezos – the Leader of Amazon

...Jeff Bezos is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Forbes named him as the 17th most powerful person in 2015, down from 16th in 2014 (The World's Most Powerful People). He is also listed as #4 in Forbes 400, #3 Richest in Tech, #15 Billionaires in the world, and #11 Billionaires in the United States for 2015 (The World’s Most Powerful People). His current net worth is listed as $49.2 billion and changes daily with stock prices (The World's Billionaires). Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 under the name of Cadabra and the name was changed a year later to Amazon (Amazon). Amazon began as an online bookstore based out of a garage. Bezos would drive orders to the post office for delivery each night after working his normal job. With the leadership of Jeff Bezos, Amazon has grown to the largest online retailer in the United States (Amazon). Leadership Style Jeff Bezos has multiple leadership styles. This is important as the leader of a company worth more than $175 billion (The World's Most Innovative Companies). Blanken (2013) explains that “if you’re leading well, you won’t have just one leadership style.” Jeff Bezos can be described as a “task-oriented transactional leader” (Sinha, 2015). Sinha (2015) defines a transactional leader as “one with rigorous benchmarks who is often uninterested in other people’s opinions.” Bezos is so different that other companies, such as Groupon, who have hired many former Amazon employees, have tried to use Bezos’s...

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Amazon.Com Strategic Analysis Strategic Analysis is one of the world’s leading online retailers. Simply being online has been their main strategic focus from the beginning. Jeff Bezos created the company in 1994 from his garage in Bellevue, Washington. At that time books were the only product sold to customers. The company went public and started selling music and movies in 1997. Over the last 14 years the site has included many more products to the list of items that they sell such as apparel, electronics, DVD’s, toys, games, etc. This essay will discuss if is moving away from its core competency of being an online retailer and the competitive areas between Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. We will also address the uses of database; possible data management issues; the relationship among Amazon’s data, information, and knowledge. The essay will conclude by describing how the retailer uses e-business and e-commerce for B2B and B2C. Transition from Core Competency While remains the top retail provider amongst sales, the profit margins are not as high as investors want them to be (Rainer & Turban, 2008). Profits have fallen, and the operating margins are at 4.9 %, which is below Wal-Mart whose margin is 5.1 % (Rainer & Turban, 2008). Online shopping has become a more desired way amongst the consumer world. With the increasing business comes competition. As a result, Amazon is becoming more and more a part of the technology world. It would not be......

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Investors, executives, and anyone who merely wants to be good at their job hang on the words of Jeff Bezos, CEO of He published 1,782 of them Wednesday in his annual letter to Amazon’s shareholders. I recommend reading each one of them.

Bezos’s pearls of wisdom are repetitive, by design. He discusses similar concepts year after year, tweaking them for new realities. Delighting customers is a constant. The importance of being willing to reverse direction is another hearty Bezos perennial.

I particularly liked two of his themes this year that constitute fresh material in the Bezos oeuvre. The first is his insistence that managers monitor and adopt important external trends. “These big trends are not that hard to spot (they get talked and written about a lot), but they can be strangely hard for large organizations to embrace,” he writes. “We’re in the middle of an obvious one right now: machine learning and artificial intelligence.” He goes on to discuss the visible and less obvious ways Amazon is utilizing machine learning and AI. But his notion that the important trends aren’t hard to spot is non-trivial. Too many organizations spend too much debating if something is going to be big. If you’ve spent that much time debating it, it’s probably too late.

Bezos also shared his thinking on how high-performance teams should work together—including with their bosses and also when they disagree with each other. “Recognize true misalignment issues early and escalate them immediately,” he writes. “Sometimes teams have different objectives and fundamentally different views. They are not aligned. No amount of discussion, no number of meetings will resolve that deep misalignment. Without escalation, the default dispute resolution mechanism for this scenario is exhaustion. Whoever has more stamina carries the decision.”

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For escalation to work, of course, a team’s manager has to be good and also has to be willing to be overruled. Bezos gives an example of his being overruled, though one senses his example is the exemption rather than the rule.

The point is that he demands fast action and quick resolution when people disagree. Exhaustion with disagreement is something anyone who works in a large organization can understand all too well.

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