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Breast Cancer in Malaysia Breast Cancer Has

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Breast Cancer in Malaysia

Breast cancer has turned out to be one of the most common cancers in women in almost every part of the world. Nonetheless, there is a noticeable geographical difference in the incidence and also the stage of presentation. It has ben documented to be uppermost in North Europe and North America, in-between in Mediterranean nations and South America, and not high at all in Asia and Africa nations (Abdullah, 2003). During the year of 2000 there had been 1,050,346 circumstances of breast cancer that had been documented international and 372,969 deaths from the illness (Sharifah, 2010). In industrialized nations the incidence was around 94.93 per 100,000 populace, and in less advanced states it somewhere around 19.66 per 100,000 populations (Taib, 2012). With that said this essay will discuss breast cancer in Malaysia.

Background and Definition of the Problem

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Writing a breast cancer research paper is a great opportunity to learn a lot about a very important subject. Writing a cancer research paper or a lung cancer research paper also gives you the opportunity to educate others on research, prevention, and cancer treatments. Unfortunately, because cancer is such a complicated topic, figuring out where to begin can be extremely difficult. Have you figured out what topic will be the focus of your breast cancer paper? Do you know what the thesis of your research paper on cancer is going to be? If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” then let’s begin by looking at some topic ideas for your research paper on breast cancer.

Topics for Cancer Research Papers Related to Awareness and Activism

  • Create a breast cancer research paper outline highlighting three breast cancer charities. Use that to write a compare and contrast breast cancer essay paper.
  • Look on the internet for a breast cancer research paper example on breast cancer survivor advocacy. Use that as inspiration for your own essay on the topic.
  • Most breast cancer research papers fail to address women with stage IV breast cancer. Write an essay exploring why this is the case.
  • Defend the following breast cancer research paper thesis: Charities should stop focusing on raising awareness and start dedicating funds towards research for new treatments and cures.
  • Write a research paper about cancer discussing the importance of politicians advocating for breast cancer research and funding of new treatments.
  • Do cancer charities focus enough on breast cancer research and awareness?
  • Does the 'Pink' movement do more harm than good?
  • Write a paper on which breast cancer charity you believe is the best.
  • Do men with breast cancer receive enough support?

Ideas for Research Papers on Breast Cancer for Students Interested in Science and Medicine

  • Write a breast cancer outline for research paper that includes the five most hopeful treatments for advanced breast cancer. Write a paper that sequences each treatment from least likely to result in a cure to most likely to result in a cure.
  • Write a research paper about breast cancer arguing for or against the use of stem cells in breast cancer research.  Use an introduction for breast cancer research paper that draws in your reader's interest.
  • Write a research paper breast cancer on the topic of the breast cancer gene. Are women too quick to opt for prophylactic mastectomy upon discovering that they carry this disease?
  • Many breast cancer papers are based on the role of estrogen mimicking foods in a woman's diet. Explore the role of soy and other foods in increasing the risk of estrogen sensor positive cancers.
  • Write a paper about the role of pollution on breast cancer rates.
  • The recommendation is that women begin receiving mammograms at age 40. Is this too late?
  • Discuss metastatic breast cancer in women over the age fifty.

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