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Upper Intermediate 1 Melbourne Campus Class

We made a list of our predictions for the future in groups.

  • People will speak only one language.
  • We think people will be driving flying cars.
  • We think that people will not go to school but they will educate themselves at home with the Internet.
  • We think people will live only in high buildings in small spaces.
  • We think people will not cook but they will take pills.

  • In 2060 we’ll be using self-driving cars.
  • We won’t need to work at the office but we will work from home.
  • We will be able to enter our houses without keys, instead we will use our fingerprints.
  • Transport will be automated.
  • People will be eating pills instead of their food.
  • Robots will be doing peoples’ housework.
  • Governments will be fighting wars with robot armies.
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03.Life In The Year 2060

            The year 2060 is not near By. The world has been marking rapid progress in all directions Unbelievable things are happening in the fields of science and technology.

Unfortunately, some of the present generation won’t live to see  year 2060. But the human race is eagerly looking forward to the year 2060. The fantastic changes are taking place right now to indicate that the nature of the World in the year 2060 will be entirely different from today’s. The life after another 50 years would be more exciting and thrilling.

The transport system will be quite rapid and methodical. We may not be keep waiting as we have floating buses. No long queues or rushes but each and every passenger is well cared for. No tickets are issued. But with a soft  push of a tiny button we’ll be indicated the particular termination.

Instead of going to school children could study at home by means of computer. In fact computers would be widely used in every sphere of their day to day activities. Robotics may serve us books and timetables to select the streams for us to follow. Lessons will soon be digested and huge computers may indicate the level of our knowledge.

The rapid growth of population will be controlled. So there won’t be problems of food clothing and shelter.

We home everything optimistically in the year 2060.

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