National 5 Chemistry Assignment Example

National 5 Chemistry - assignment

National 5 - Chemistry - NEW - Session 2017-18

There are four examples in this section.

Candidate 1Investigating the voltage produced in cells containing different metals
Candidate 2Reaction report
Candidate 3Effect on temperature on the rate of reaction
Candidate 4How salty is the sea?

 Additional examples are viewable from the links below.

Assignment (PDF files)
Workshop 1
Task One - Aim, Underlying chemistry and Description of experimental approach
Task Two - Data Collection and handling, Graphical Presentation
Workshop 2
Task One - Internet/literature source, Analysis and Conclusion
Task Two - Evaluation
  • HI,

    Anyone doing National 5 chemistry?
    This is my first forum here.xD

    So, I am doing my final assignment (which counts for 20% of overall grade) this week. I am just wondering if this is a suitable aim -

    "Does increasing carbon chain length of an alcohol increase the energy released when the alcohol is burned?"

    For my physics assignment I am doing crumple zones so don't you think the aim is a little bit vague? for example,for application I am saying it can be used as a fuel coz it burns to produce energy. Is that acceptable ? My teacher says the aim is fine but I am not too sure coz it doesn't exactly show my understanding of being able to apply chemistry in different situations..

    what do you think?

  • Hi there,

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  • I need help on my nat 5 chemistry assignment

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