Custom Monoclonal Antibody Synthesis Essay

Monoclonal antibodies are the workhorse molecules of the immunotherapy field. These antibodies have been engineered to bind to immune system components and redirect immune responses to kill tumor cells, dial down autoimmune responses, or enhance the effects of other treatments. Much of the work behind production of monoclonal antibodies is rooted in the production of hybridomas, which involves identifying antigen-specific plasma/plasmablast cells (ASPCs) that produce antibodies specific to an antigen of interest and fusing these cells with myeloma cells. These fused hybridoma cell lines can be grown in large-scale culture and produce a single type of (monoclonal) antibody indefinitely under the correct conditions. The ASPC selection process can be time consuming and unpredictable, but recent advances in monoclonal antibody screening that use flow cytometry are making this process faster and more efficient.

ASPC selection has been improved by screening plasma cells (PCs) stained for B cell differentiation markers using flow cytometry. This process is limited by the surface staining step, which can negatively impact plasma cell viability and downstream hybridoma fusion success.

A recent paper by Kurosawa et al.[1] describes a novel approach to ASPC selection that does not require the use of antibodies to stain plasma cells. They stained cells with a fluorescent tracker for the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), an intracellular organelle that is significantly larger in PCs because of intracellular antibody synthesis. This ER tracker can work across species and can be used in combination with staining using a fluorescently-labeled antigen to identify ASPCs. Unlike other screening protocols, this method can be used to screen a small number cells from either tissues like lymph nodes or from peripheral blood.

Consider taking your hybridoma work to the next level by using this ER-based screening for ASPCs. Many contract research organizations specialize in hybridoma production using cutting edge methods, so consider partnering with experts to create novel monoclonal antibodies that can be used as research tools or to be tested for their therapeutic potential.


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Kurosawa N, Yoshioka M, Fujimoto R, Yamagishi F, Isobe M. Rapid production of antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies from a variety of animals. BMC Biology. 2012;10:80. doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-80.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

Whether it's your first time developing a monoclonal antibody or you have exacting protocol requirements, GenScript provides comprehensive service packages for monoclonal antibody development at all levels of control. Our MonoExpress™ package carries industry leading application guarantees and delivers supernatants in just 45 days. Need a little more control? Our semi-custom package offers the flexibility of a custom service but with simplified protocol building blocks that adapt the service to your needs. For ultimate control, GenScript's fully-custom monoclonal antibody generation services offer ultimate control at every phase of the project, allowing you to modify, restart, or even cancel your project. Require antibodies with higher affinity/specificity? GenScript's MonoRab™ rabbit monoclonal antibody generation services can meet your specific needs as a better option for mouse mAb services.

We even offer specialized services including phospho specific antibodies, anti-idiotype antibodies and more. Use our selection guide below to see our complete range of services and decide which package is right for you.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Selection Guide

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Services Key Features

  • Optimized immunization: Our advanced technologies - OptimumAntigen™ design tool, intelligent Antigen Strategy, proprietary immunization technology, and optional GANP® mouse technology - increase the specificity and affinity of our monoclonal antibodies.
  • Certified facility: AAALAC International accreditation and OLAW certification, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use.
  • Guaranteed results: ELISA titer and Western blot guaranteed packages available.
  • Fast turnaround time: Delivery of monoclonal antibodies 3 weeks faster than our competitors.
  • Strict Confidentiality: No project associated information and products will be disclosed except to the project owner.
  • ZERO setup fee: Our confidence and near 100% success rate limit the risk to you.

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development Related Services

Not interested in monoclonal antibodies? Take a look through our other major service offerings:

  • PolyExpress™ Antibody Service: our polyclonal antibody service can deliver you 3 antibodies
    in just 45 days starting from only your sequence
  • Antibody Drug Discovery: A complete suite of services supporting therapeutic antibody
    drug development from lead generation, through characterization and antibody production.

Unsure which service line is appropriate for your application? Try our Antibody Service Selection Tool.

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