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They did not evolve after the Kuru outbreak. Some people had a resistance and everyone else had a much higher failure rate.

Kuru, in this case, is like a fishnet and the people are the fish. The ones that make it through the net because of their inherit abilities do not “evolve” when they pass through the net – They DO have a higher likelihood to pass on their advantage to future generations.

You’ve basically described evolution. It is always like this, that selection operates on variance within population. So they did evolve: they were selected for specyfic mutation, and thus this mutation increased the frequency in population- that is evolution by natural selection

'Pour' or 'pore'?

Although the words pour and pore sound similar, they have different meanings.

Pour can be used in a few different ways, but they all describe something 'flowing in a steady stream'.

  • Most frequently, it describes a liquid or fine-grained substance moving from a container:

Water poured out of the hole in the bucket.

He poured sugar into the coffee.

  • It is also used figuratively for things like money, effort, or emotions:

They poured their life savings into the company in the hopes it would eventually turn a profit.

She poured her heart out in a tearful phone call to her mother.

  • Pour can also describe the movement of a group, as in:

People poured out of the stadium after the match.

People sometimes misuse pour in situations where pore is correct. To pore (over or through) means 'to read or focus on something intently', as in:

She spent all weekend poring over her textbooks in preparation for the exam.

 I pored over the old photographs, fascinated by every detail.

Pore can also be used as a noun meaning 'a tiny opening in a surface', for example the pores in your skin.

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