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Big beast of broadcasting Andrew Neil destroyed the credibility of spy smears against Jeremy Corbyn in a box office interview this afternoon.

The host of the BBC’s Daily Politics show put Brexit Minister Steve Baker “on the ropes” over allegations made by his colleagues about the Labour leader.

Neil challenged Baker to back up claims made by Defence secretary Gavin Williamson, security minister Ben Wallace and Tory vice chair Ben Bradley.

Williamson claimed Corbyn “betrayed his country”, Wallace compared him to Soviet spy Kim Philby and Bradley claimed he had “sold British secrets to communists” in a tweet he deleted after being threatened with legal action.

Asked whether he thought their claims were true, Baker admitted: “I’ve got no evidence for any of that.”

That led Neil to conclude:

“The real Scandal, Mr Baker isn’t what Mr Corbyn has supposedly done or not done, it’s the outright lies and disinformation that your fellow Tories are spreading.”

It’s a must watch:

Never mind Moscow gold, that’s TV gold…

MORE:New blow to spy smears as German authorities reveal there isn’t a Stasi file on Jeremy Corbyn

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